Guarantee & Refund


There is a 12 month guarantee for all parts. The toilet bowl and cistern needs to be checked as soon as it arrives. So if it is damaged - then you won't sign the delivery and will get a new one. If it arrives and it is accepted, then you still can get a refund if nothing is wrong. 

Returning the goods couldn’t be easier. Please call us or email us to discuss the terms of the return. Any unwanted items must be returned to us at the customer’s expense and via a traceable, insured courier. Please be aware that customers have 7 days to inspect their goods and if they wish to return the item they must inform us in writing (emails are acceptable) within this time period. After this, they have 14 days to return. No returns will be accepted if the item is damaged or marked. Genuinely faulty goods will be repaired or replaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s warranty following an inspection. You will get your refund but when you do, there will be a 25 % deduction so you will get 75% back.

So it's very important to check, before signing the delivery .   

If for example: the fan stops working, you can send it back to us with the address below, any broken parts with the copy of the receipt. We'll send you a new one.

If you don't know what is not working - you can send all the parts which are: transformer, receiver, remote control and fan and a technician will check it all. If the 4m cable is fitted into the wall - you don't have to send it. Whatever is not working - you will get it all back new, but we will charge £15 for checking. 

Make sure you have a good battery in the remote control.

If you have any questions, any problems, please call. We will do our best to help you to solve any problems. 



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Did You Know:


Without the toilet ventilating system; bacteria and odour travels throughout rooms via air and then they circulate.


Ceiling or wall fans pull bacteria and odour out of the toilet bowl but spreads them - bacteria will stay on surfaces i.e. toothbrushes, towels, walls, clothing, etc.

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