Fan with rubber and 4m of cable

Fan with rubber

For easy installation, quiet work, low speed, but  powerful enough to open the rubber ( plastic element with rubber was design on  the outlet of the fan ) ,which stop the smell from coming back from soil pipe to the toilet bowl - double fan had to be design. Thats why 4 cables, about 10cm long,  coming out of it -  join in one connector. The fan could be fitted  behind the toilet bowl to the soil pipe. If the soil pipe is plastic - that is the easiest way. Of course the fan could be fitted many different ways.

The fan was tested in a factory at 12V for three months, non stop, before production started. It's made by one of the 5 biggest co-operations in the world.
The biggest achievement is: when the fan is working, it takes all the smell away and you don't feel any draft. The fan is operating then at 4V. The receiver is set up between 3.5V - 7V and we can regulate speed by using the remote control. Size: 43 mm in diameter ( fits the perfect standard UK connections ), 10 cm long. A small tip is: when you pop to the shop, to get the connections, take the fan with you and try a few, because they're all slightly different. I recommend the gray one, but there are also different brands, so check it in the shop so you can choose the right one. not too tight, no too loose.

This picture below shows the fan disconnected . Rubber is closed so the air can not get back from the soil pipe. 

These pictures below shows the fan operating with a faster and slower speed.                      

4 m of cable       

This cable is made of two cables join together: red and black.This cable has a fixed connector on one end, which has to be connected to the fan. The design of the connector is done so it cannot be joined incorrectly. On the second end we see bare cables which has to be connected to the receiver output ( output and input are marked on receiver ) . Red cable to the red connector and black cable to the black connector.                                              Click PRODUCTS to see the cable.


Did You Know:


Without the toilet ventilating system; bacteria and odour travels throughout rooms via air and then they circulate.


Ceiling or wall fans pull bacteria and odour out of the toilet bowl but spreads them - bacteria will stay on surfaces i.e. toothbrushes, towels, walls, clothing, etc.

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