If the delivery will be done by the company - then we can arrange the day and exact time. You will be informed by a phone call or text message during the day and definitely about 30 minutes before the driver arrive. Free of charge, of course, just for you - so you don't have to wait all day at home. Waiting all day at home is annoying and we understand that simple fact, that you could go out to do shopping, etc. Don't worry - we will take care of that. We can arrange deliveries on weekends as well.

If delivery is arrange by carrier - we try to ask them to do same service, but there is always "a big issue" to contact the customer before the delivery will arrive, and we don't understand why. So then you will have to wait between  9 am - 6 pm.

Now in promotion time - DELIVERY FREE !!!*

*Unless out of a 20 mile radius of Enfield, deliveries cost £90.

Did You Know:


Without the toilet ventilating system; bacteria and odour travels throughout rooms via air and then they circulate.


Ceiling or wall fans pull bacteria and odour out of the toilet bowl but spreads them - bacteria will stay on surfaces i.e. toothbrushes, towels, walls, clothing, etc.

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