Our new cistern flow is designed for low and high pressure, why you may ask? Sometimes the cisterns fill up very slowly, or make a lot of noise. Those are designed for either high OR low pressure ONLY, so if you got the wrong flow – that problem can drive you mad.

In the UK a lot of houses have different water pressures. Even on one street that could happen. Even on one street it is extremely likely that at least one house has a different needed water pressure. That is depending on the boiler you have, if you have for example a combination boiler – then you know for show that the pressure is quite high. If you have a conventional boiler, (tanks in the loft for the toilet) that it is possible that cold water is coming from the tank, where the pressure is very low. With our cistern you don’t have to worry about that.

The flow is very quiet, because the water flow  on the bottom of the cistern.

Did You Know:


Without the toilet ventilating system; bacteria and odour travels throughout rooms via air and then they circulate.


Ceiling or wall fans pull bacteria and odour out of the toilet bowl but spreads them - bacteria will stay on surfaces i.e. toothbrushes, towels, walls, clothing, etc.

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